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Skies Magazine covers the best of fixed- and rotary-wing aviation in North America with insightful stories, news and feature profiles; delivered bi-monthly with a focus on all aviation sectors.

RCAF Today is a special publication delivered once a year, celebrating the accomplishments of the Royal Canadian Air Force at home and around the world.

Insight is the luxurious, tradeshow-only publication that enables companies to tell their stories in their own words, reaching desired audiences in a unique way.

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Skies Magazine Print | Circulation 65,000 +

  1. Editorial worth reading
    We work from the front lines to give readers in-depth insight and timely, relevant content from business, private, commercial, military, cargo, maintenance and training aviation sectors.
  2. Extensive reach
    We have a North American circulation of over 65,000, giving you access to thousands of aviation professionals in Canada and the United States.
  3. Growing your brand
    Appearing in Skies, you’re associating your brand name with the market leader. After all, brand association is just as important as the message itself.
  4. Visually the best
    Skies is backed with stunning photography and ground-breaking design, which our readers appreciate just as much as the content.

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Issue Show / Theme Ad & Materials Deadline
Dec '19/Jan '20 Photo Contest Issue November 22, 2019
Feb/Mar 2020 Western AME / Heli-Expo January 17, 2020
Apr/May 2020 CANSEC / MRO Americas / NATA / IOC February 28, 2020
Jun/Jul 2020 CBAA May 8, 2020
Aug/Sep 2020 Abbotsford / ADSE July 3, 2020
Oct/Nov 2020 NBAA / ATAC / AIAC / AME Ontario September 4, 2020
Dec '20/Jan '21 Photo Contest Issue November 20, 2020

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**A - Full Page 8.625" x 11" 8.375" x 10.75" 7.875" x 10.25"
B - 2/3 Page 4.75" x 9.375"
C - 1/2 Page (island) 4.75" x 7"
D - 1/2 Page (horizontal) 7.25" x 4.625"
E - 1/3 Page (island) 4.75" x 5"
F - 1/3 Page (vertical) 2.25" x 9.375"
G - 1/4 Page (island) 4.75" x 3.75"
H - 1/4 Page (horizontal) 7.25" x 2.5"
**Double Page Spread 17" x 11" 16.75" x 10.75" 16.25" x 10.25"

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SC1 2.375" x 1"DC14.875" x 1"TC17.375" x 1"
SC2 2.375" x 2"DC24.875" x 2"TC27.375" x 2"
SC3 2.375" x 3"DC34.875" x 3"TC37.375" x 3"
SC4 2.375" x 4"DC44.875" x 4"TC47.375" x 4"
SC5 2.375" x 5"DC54.875" x 5"TC57.375" x 5"
SC6 2.375" x 6"DC64.875" x 6"TC67.375" x 6"
SC7 2.375" x 7"DC74.875" x 7"TC77.375" x 7"
SC8 2.375" x 8"DC84.875" x 8"TC87.375" x 8"
SC9 2.375" x 9"DC94.875" x 9"TC97.375" x 9"

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RCAF Today Magazine Print | Put your marketing dollars where your market is

  1. Focused content
    Produced by Skies magazine, RCAF Today provides behind-the-scenes insight into the people, equipment and operations of the Royal Canadian Air Force.
  2. Concentrated circulation
    RCAF Today is distributed to senior RCAF personnel, RCAF Wings and Squadrons, government procurement officers, Minister of Defence and Minister of Transportation offices, NDHQ personnel, RCAF Public Affairs, and Canadian embassies and attaches around the world, making it a cost-effective TARGETED marketing tool.
  3. Target audience
    A glossy tribute to the hard work, challenges and accomplishments of the men and women of Canada's Air Force, RCAF Today gives you direct access to your combatant customers in uniform.

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Issue Show / Theme Ad & Materials Deadline
RCAF Today CANSEC / ADSE / AIAC Summit April 24, 2020

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Ad Size Bleed (width x Height) Trim Size Live area (non-bleed)
**Full Page 9.25" x 10.75" 9" x 10.5" 8.5" x 10"
1/2 Page (horizontal) 8" x 4.625"
**Double Page Spread 18.25" x 10.75" 18" x 10.5" 17.5" x 10.25"

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Skies Online Digital | skiesmag.com - Monthly traffic 60,000 +

  1. Widespread exposure
    With over 60,000 unique visitors a month from North America, Skiesmag.com will get you the exposure you are looking for.
  2. Increase traffic to your website
    Have you just invested in a new website, but traffic is still down? Let Skiesmag.com help you drive traffic and sales.
  3. Cost effective
    With a wide variety of sizes, online banners are designed to fit any marketing budget.
  4. Compliment your traditional marketing solutions
    Create a customized message that can be changed instantly to compliment your other marketing mediums — such as tradeshows, special events, or product launches.
  5. Diversity
    Change your message on a regular basis with ease.
  6. Measurable results
    Are you having trouble justifying your marketing budget to your boss? Online banners are a perfect solution — they are measurable with clicks, views, and country of origin.
  7. Geotagging
    Are you looking to market different messages to different parts of the world? With Geotagging, you can customize your marketing plan to do so!

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Skies Daily News Email | Monthly Subscribers 31,150 +

  1. Daily brand awareness
    Daily exposure to over 30,000 aviation professionals on the most up-to-date and informed news service in the fixed-wing industry.
  2. Reaching decision makers
    With over 1,600 stories posted annually, the aviation industry's top decision-makers have come to rely on Skies Daily News to stay informed on the industry.
  3. Cost-effective exposure
    Skies Daily News offers a variety of ad placement options, all designed to accommodate any marketing budget – a cost-effective way to be part of your customer’s daily routine.

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  • Skies Magazine
  • RCAF Today Magazine
  • Vertical Magazine
  • Vertical 911 Magazine
  • Insight Magazine
  • Skiesmag.com
  • Verticalmag.com
  • Insightmagonline.com
Daily News
  • Skies Daily News
  • Vertical Daily News

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